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Workington 9th Presidents Gala 2018

Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September 2018 at Workington Leisure Centre

NEW – ACCEPTED ENTRIES FILES <FRIDAY> — <SAT/SUN> please let me know ASAP if you have missing swimmers or additional requirements now that the files have been produced and I will see what can be done. (18/09 – SAT/SUN file corrected to show session 2 with date of 22nd)

NEW – Can all clubs ensure they provide officials to support the event that their swimmers are entering, please use our officials page to let us know which sessions your able to support

Entry Conditions >>>> [Entry_Cond]

Schedule of events >>>> [Schedule] (Updated)

Qualification Times >> [Qual_Times]

SportSystem entry file >> [Entry Info] **NEW 29-Jul-18**

Payment Submission Form >> [Payment_Subm]

Manual Entry File >>>>> [Manual Entry]

Copy of Poster >>>> [Poster]

Example Club swimmer submission sheet >> [Club_Sheet] (Updated)

Warm-up times (5th Sept):

Friday 6pm for 7pm start (Distance events – Session 1)

Saturday 9:00am for 10:00am start & 1:30pm for 2:30pm start (Session 2 & 3)

Sunday 9:00am for 10:00am start & 1:30pm for 2:30pm start (Session 4 & 5)

Withdrawals Form >>>>> [Withdrawals]