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"The club aims to provide an atmosphere where swimming is an enjoyable and social experience"

2017 Griffin Gala – Programme

Email from Copeland ASC:

Many apologies for this late communication

As is the norm at Copeland Gala’s spectators will not receive a programme on entry to the balcony  but it is attached to this email for sharing within your clubs and on our website for self printing. Subject to the pool photocopier being in working order Heat start lists will be available to purchase at 50p per session. <LINK>


Paul Messenger

Cumbria Age Groups at Workington Leisure Centre (updated)

Can I please remind all swimmers / parents / spectators of the following points for the Cumbria Age Groups at Workington Leisure Centre:

All bags are to be stored in the lockers provided and not taken onto poolside or left in the changing cubicles, the lockers are £1 which is then returned when re-entering the key to the locker lock, items left unattended may be removed to lost property for collection, any loss is not the responsibility of the Leisure Centre. We do understand small bags to hold spare kit may be needed and would be acceptable but no larger than 25cm by 20cm please (this is due to the large numbers of swimmers now able to attend the event and the space available poolside).
Outdoor shoes are not permitted onto the poolside and all swimmers and officials on poolside are recommended to have poolside shoes so as to reduce the risk of any slips and falls rather than bare feet.

No food is allowed poolside, though healthy snacks (Nutri-grain, Eat Natural, Alpen, Tracker, etc)  in their packaging will be allowed as long as litter is placed in the bins in and around the changing village (No chocolate or sweets e.g. mars bars, skittles or similar), all other food including lunch must be eaten off poolside. Drinks are allowed everywhere, but the current fad of flipping bottles to try to land on their base has caused issues with juice being ejected out of the tops and up walls, etc. making areas sticky, so this action is no longer permitted.

No electronic items capable of photography are allowed poolside e.g. phones, iPods, etc., unless advised to the WASC secretary and then confirmed by GLL as being permitted for event reasons, any items viewed may be confiscated until the end of the day/session or individuals being removed from the pool without refund if not following this policy.

Doors of the different areas of the centre will only open once all checks have been made, for swimmers this will be no earlier than 8:30am, for poolside staff / equipment assembly teams this will be from approx. 8:15am, for spectators access to the balcony will only be available after 8:30am. Please be expected to be asked to exit an area if entering before these times.

Parking will be FREE if parked in the Allerdale house car park and your vehicle registration submitted on the form on the reception desk, no other parking concessions will be available for the full days and parking in the main car park is NOT covered by this offer from Allerdale BC.

Christmas and New Year Opening Times

The club schedule will be as follows:

Friday 23rd Dec 6pm to 8pm – last night fun session for main pool swimmers only (all squads)

– Learner pool from 7pm to 8pm fun session

Wednesday 28th Dec 6pm to 8pm – Squads C, B, A and P (need to know if your not attending your squad sessions)
Thursday 29th Dec 6pm to 8pm – Squads C, B, A and P  (need to know if your not attending your squad sessions)
Friday 30th Dec 6pm to 8pm – Squads C, B, A and P (need to know if your not attending your squad sessions)
Saturday 31st Dec 8:30am to 10:30am – Squads C, B, A and P  (need to know if your not attending your squad sessions)
Tuesday 3rd Jan 6pm to 8pm – Normal Squad sessions resume