Fees, Times

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Fees and squad times for 2022 now updated, or current members please refer to the letter you have been issued.

Link to PDF version of below table >>> WASC Squad Fees and Times 20210620

WASC Squad Fees Times-20220620

The yearly ASA registration fee that covers you for membership and insurance purposes whilst being instructed and / or at any events with the club, is now partly covered in the monthly rate. Any member not paying a monthly fee or just joining the club will need to pay the yearly ASA fee if not already paying at another registered club (£39 competitive / £20 non-competitive).

Over 16 swimmers may pay £25 p/m if a previous club member for the past 5years, on the Masters squad times (or alternative times at coaches discretion), else squad rates apply.

Please note the above rates take into account 2 weeks Club break at Summer and 2 weeks at Christmas and those gala dates of our own, ASA Cumbria and ASA Northwest.

Please remember, all WASC pool side staff and committee members are volunteers who give up there time freely to support the swimmers and club activities, PLEASE GET INVOLVED.