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Workington 12th Presidents Gala 2021


Level 3 gala, Licence number 3NW210318, Provided under licence from SE

UPDATED 20-Jul-2021 (first posted)

We are please to advise you of our annual presidents gala at Workington pool on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September 2021, files below.

Gala T&C’s >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LINK       Gala Schedule>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LINK

Gala upper limit times >>>>>>>>> LINK      

Club swimmer submission including SportSystem file >>>> LINK    

Manual entry file>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LINK 

Gala Withdrawal Form>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  LINK 


WARM-UPS DRAFT – 6pm Friday, 8:00am morning and 1:00pm afternoon Sat & Sun 

RESULTS from the weekend <LINK>